Inspired in part by the shabad in Guru Granth Sahib Ji on Ang 384, Mohalla 5, in Raag Aasaa, “Laali” to me is a celebration of richness, glory and love shared by the Creator and Creation. “Laali” means “red” and, just as nature is adorned by laali and wears love in the form of flowers, to me, my hair is a similar manifestation. The shabad, to me, is not praising laali simply because it is natural or solely because it is divine but I feel there is a deeper appreciation based in love and celebration of a beauty that we tend to believe is somewhat frivolous. The Guru reminds us to experience the beauty as a human experience and a natural one and one that we can enjoy. Laali is not merely beautiful because it is a gift from the Divine but it is so glorious, we can not deny recognizing it, and what’s more,the Divine created it and made it of love. The shabad speaks to me of seeing the divinity in front of us and knowing it as available and not unattainable. “Laalan” has given us “Laali”. My personal experience with my hair comes from a similar experience of beauty. I love my hair because I am in awe of it, and am further imbued because it is made by and of my Laalan. Following these metaphors, this piece depicts a braid of hair composed as a rose. Both the red flower and hair to me are testaments to the Divine, they are examples of Laali.

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